Reminder of workforce census on Nov 5

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School_Workforce census Guideance_2015

Latest fileset: 208

Changes since 2014 workforce.

  1. The ethnicity codes for ‘Gypsy/Roma’ are now available for use for staff, …
  2. Date of last pay review has been added, …
  3. ‘Pay Scale’ and ‘Regional Spine’ have become ‘Pay Range’ and ‘Regional Pay Range’, …
  4. Spine Point has been removed from the collection. There is no replacement.
  5. Start and end dates of TLR3 payments will be required. These will be known as Additional Payment Start Date and Additional Payment End Date. …
  6. Pay review date required for both contracts and service agreements.
  7. TLE replaces TLR1 & TLR2, TL3 & PPS new.

Zero hour contracts causing 4530 error

Several schools have encountered issues when using casual contract types (i.e. cover supervisors) with no hours     specified which has resulted in error 4530 Base Pay invalid….Format must be 9999999.99.

A number of hours are required to be input – please contact your LCC HR contact to confirm details if unsure.


Please note:

The Leadership pay panels, referred to in the Capita “producing the workforce census” are not visible, in some schools, as they have been hidden by LCC HR in SIMS however any errors will still be reported in the normal way when validating your census.