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Probably Additions

Please note that the DfE is talking to suppliers about adding the following items for the Autumn Census 2015.

Post 16 Learning Aim Withdrawal Reason

Where a Learning Aim has a Status of “Withdrawn”, one of the following Withdrawal Reasons must be provided.
•Learner has transferred to another provider to undertake learning which meets a specific government strategy
•Learner has transferred to another provider
•Learner injury/illness
•Financial reasons
•Other personal reasons
•Reason not known

Post 16 Learning Aim Partner UKPRN
•Where a Learning Aim is provided other than be the school the UKPRN of the provider must be indicated.
•It is unclear at this point as to whether or not we must also indicate the UKPRN of the school where the school provides the Learning Aim.

Maths and English GCSE Prior Attainment for all Pupils Taught in Year 12 and above
•Grade for prior achievement in GCSE Maths
•When the prior achievement in GCSE Maths was obtained
•GCSE Maths funding exemption
•Grade for prior achievement in GCSE English
•When the prior achievement in GCSE English was obtained
•GCSE English funding exemption

Manual Entry of External Exam Results

In the Summer Release 2015 Capita will be moving Manual Entry of External Exam Results to SIMS .net and will be extending the functionality so that it contains the information needed for it to contribute to the reporting of prior attainment of GCSE Maths and English. The new user interface for this functionality will be based on that recently put in place for Tools | Examinations | Edit PI Data.

CTF Move to Academic Year Cycle

In line with other statutory items from the DfE, the cycle for CTF has changed from a calendar year cycle, where structural changes to CTF take place in November, to an academic year cycle, where structural changes take place in August. A change in August does not line up with the Capita release, so Capita are going to have to impose the change over from CTF 14 to 15 via a date trigger in their CTF coding.

The Capita Summer Release will leave CTF 14 in operation until the 1st of August when the software will automatically move to CTF 15. This implies the following compatibilities for the Summer Release

Release Date up the 31st July
•Import CTF 13 and CTF 14
•Export CTF 14

1st August onwards
•Import CTF 14 and CTF 15
•Export CTF 15

School Census 2015 Known Errors

This page contains error codes for the January 2015 school census, further details to follow…


2170 (New SEN Codes)

With the new SEN codes being updated it has been found that the need types have to be updated as the old codes appear in red.

For example those children on the codes of Behavioural Emotional and Social Difficulties has been replaced with alternative codes and we strongly suggest you check through each child on this codeset.

2020Q  (Pupils taught out of year)

This error is currently being investigated by Capita as it appears this error is triggered for leavers in the previous term.

The Fix for this error will be included in a new Fileset 187.



January School Census 2015 Newspage

Connect-Up Support have put together the January School Census 2015 news page to help you locate the documents required to complete the January School Census 2015.

All changes have been outlined in these documents and we strongly advise you to read these documents.

This includes the class time information on what time to do your school census, national curriculum years DOB chart and the funded hour’s table of entitlement.

Further Important Pupil Premium Information can be viewed within our other online article displayed below this article.  

The January Census 2015 is an important census as this looks at your funding for the next academic year. Changes outlined are adopted from care changes, school dinners taken and changes to the codes for special educational needs.

Schools will need to be on Version 7.161 to complete the school census and Fileset 187 (the fileset is displayed when browsing for the census return.)

The documents we have included are as follows, you can click on each option to view;

1) A Preparing Census return guide (this covers primary schools and special schools)

2) A Producing Census return guide (each separate guide is labelled accordingly to the schools phase, one for primary, specials and PRU’s.)
3) An FAQ document for statutory returns
4) DFE School Census guide version 1.8
5) QRS School Census Producing School Census Reports

If you require any further advice or information then please do not hesitate to contact our support team on 0113 2105008.

Please note that the latest fileset 187 has been deployed to all Connect-Up Supported Schools. 

We have included some useful screenshots below of this information;

 Number Of Free School Meals Taken On Census Day:

Enter the Number of free school meals taken on census day by pupils, in
any year, who are eligible for Free School Meals.

  • Pupils should be included only if they meet the Free School Meals eligibility
    criteria (i.e. in respect to family income).
  • If your school has pupils of a young age, do not include pupils taking
    school meals in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, if they are not eligible for
    Free School Meals in respect to family income, e.g. they are receiving a
    Universal Infant School Meal only.

Time to do the Census based on your DfE Code;

Selected Time on Census Day (Added 12/01/2015)

The DfE has indicated that the Selected Time information provided in their guidance documents was incorrect and will be corrected by bringing it into line with the information in their specification.

Last digit of DFE number Selected time
4, 7, 8 or 9 The selected time is one hour after the start of afternoon school
0, 1 or 5 The selected time is one hour after the start of morning school
2, 3 or 6 The selected time is one hour before the end of morning school


National Curriculum Years for 2015 after 31/08/2013










Funded Hours Table for 2,3,4 year olds







Extended Services Explained

You can access these through Focus | School | School Details


• Before school childcare and/or activities for school-age children (term-time).
• After school childcare and/or activities for school-age children (term-time
• Childcare and/or activities, for school-age children during school holidays.
• Childcare integrated with a nursery education place for three and four year olds (term time).
• Childcare during school holidays for three and four year olds in nursery education.
• Other forms of childcare including any form of childcare not covered by codes above.
• Childcare or activities for school-age children are offered 8am – 6pm 5 days per week, all year round.
• Childcare for 3 & 4 yr olds in nursery education is offered 8am – 6pm 5 days per week, all year round.
• Childcare for children up to three years old, 5 days a week, all year round.
• Childcare or activities is for children are offered in partnership with other schools
• Childcare or activities are offered in partnership with external providers
• Study support, sports, arts, music, ICT and/or volunteering opportunities for pupils outside sch hrs.
• Community use of school’s sports, arts, ICT or other facilities and spaces
• Information sessions for all parents of pupils entering Reception and Year 7.
• Parenting groups using structured manual-based parenting programmes.
• Specialised support, including for parents whose children have problems with attendance/behaviour.
• Information on national/local advice and support for parents
• Any other parenting/family support which does not use structured manuals, a parents room, etc.
• Adult education (excluding family learning i.e. without children)
• Family learning (parents/carers/other adult family members and children learning together)
• Health/therapeutic services, health promotion activities and physical therapies for the community.
• Social care services for the community
• Other advice and support services (e.g. financial, benefit and employment advice) for the community.
• Work with health professionals to support your pupils
• Work with social care professionals to support your pupils
• Other category of extended service in your school which are not covered by other codes

updated 15/01/2015

Important – Pupil Premium Information

The analysis of pupil premium numbers in SIMS is dependant upon the pupil premium indicator box being ticked within section 9 additional information.

This tick box is used by SIMS to identify pupils eligible for pupil premium funding within Discover and SIMS Assessment.

The key to success file downloaded from the DfE secure site contains pupil records for pupils eligible for the pupil premium based on the last January Pupil Census.

It is important that a school contacts the previous school and confirms the eligibility of any pupil admitted after this date without a CTF file being imported.

A standard CTF file will contain Pupil Premium information therefore it is only those admitted without this process who will need to be manually confirmed with their previous school.

For information on the latest Pupil premium eligibility and funding information please follow the link below:

Pupil Premium information 2015/16

If you have any questions concerning this or any other topic please feel free to call the SIMS support team on 0113 2105008.

SIMS Support Team

Connect-Up Support Services

Pupil Census Autumn 2014

The Autumn pupil census will be collected on Thursday 2nd October.

There are some changes regarding universal free school meals and we would advise all schools to pre-read the documentation provided below and ensure that the pupil premium indicators and pupil numbers are up to date prior to returning their census.

Primary and middle school

PRU Census return booklet
Special School booklet
Secondary School booklet

If you have any questions please contact our helpdesk on 0113 2105008.

Kindest Regards

SIMS Support team.

Connect-Up Support Services Ltd

SIMS Updates Summer 2014

Dear customers,

Please be aware that we are going to be upgrading SIMS to the latest version during the w/c Monday the 8th September for all our schools that are NOT currently running SOLUS3.

If you have any questions please contact the helpdesk using one of the following methods…

Tel. 0113 2105008




Connect-Up SIMS Support Team.

Academic year end 2014/2015

Academic year end 2014/2015

Below are links to the Capita manual on creating a new academic year and the Leeds authority term dates.

Adding School Academic Year Dates 2014-2015


If you have any issues opening the links please email and I will email you directly.


Darren Rose

MIS Consultant and Training Co-ordinator

0113 2105008

Prize Draw: Winner

Firstly I would like to thank all those who took the time to complete our customer surveys and you were very kind with your feedback.

Following the compilation of all 4 surveys results, placed in chronological order and then drawn by a representative onsite at Holy Family Catholic Primary, I can announce the winner as Sue Green at Burley Park Children’s Centre. Sue will receive her £25 M&S vouchers shortly.

Following the success of this exercise we have scheduled another survey in November which will be another prize draw.

If I could ask for suggestions of the prize for the draw be sent to myself via email:

Darren Rose

MIS Consultant

0113 2105008