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Certificate of Appreciation

Cert of Appreciation“We are proud to receive this certificate, which underlines our commitment to young people, and our belief in the ideals of apprenticeships, as well as work placement schemes”

Mark Driver

Managing Director.

Interactive Screens for Schools

interactive screen

Green Information

Green Information

Chromebook Review

chromebook review

Mini Bett Resource

mini bett

Connect-Up Support Services introduce their new Mini Bett Resource e-book.

Anti Virus Update

Anti Virus

The Latest Technology Working For You

Exploit Blocker: A powerful defence against threats avoiding detection. Stops attacks on  browsers, document readers and email clients.

Advanced Memory Scanner: Gives you extra protection from heavily-encrypted malware. Scans for threats directly in the system‘s memory.

Lighter, Faster build: Extremely small updates and ESET‘s cloud-powered scanning delivers faster scans.


Good browsing practices can take you pretty far. If you aren’t browsing non-approved sites, downloading files from suspicious sources, and clicking links from people you don’t know, you’ll put yourself at less risk for viruses. But you can still get infected

Many people think that you can only get malware by downloading suspicious files, running unpatched software, visiting the wrong websites, and doing other irresponsible things, but this isn’t the only way malware can spread.

There are “zero-day” exploits – vulnerabilities that the bad guys find first. Ones we don’t know about, which we can’t protect ourselves from. These flaws are corrected as soon as they’re found, but new ones inevitably pop up.

In other words, your computer could be infected just from you visiting a website. Even if you only visit websites you trust, the website itself could be compromised – something that happens with alarming frequency these days.

The School Workforce Census 2014 Information Page

Changes Compared to SWC 2013 (Added 28/01 17:45)

Census Reference Date 6th November 2014

Collection of information for PRUs is now the same as for other schools as the period when the staff in PRUs were centrally employed is now irrelevant.

QTS route now to be included for all staff who, since the previous school workforce census, have taken up their first position since qualifying as a teacher, regardless of when they qualified

School Direct and School Direct (salaries) now included in the range of QTS routes.

Base pay now has to be included even if (non statutory) Pay Spines and Points are included. Validation rule 4540 has been adjusted to take account of this.

The DfE expects there to be less instances when Pay Spine and Points are included.

‘Advanced Skills Teacher’ and ‘Excellent Teacher’ pay scales have been superseded by ‘Leading Practitioner’. Validation rules 4500 and 4505 have been removed to take account of this.

New validation queries added.

Check that birth dates are not defaulting to 1 January

Check that salaries are above the minimum wage and below the local government maximum

Check that staff are not recorded as working more than 48 hours per week

New validation error added

Check that Weeks Per Year is not greater than 53


School Census Spring 2014 Information

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Connect-Up Support Services Update

Support Services News Update

You may already be aware that Darren Rose our SIMS Support officer of six years left our organisation at the end of September 2013, to take up a new opportunity.

We are pleased to announce that following the departure of Darren we have been able to review our staffing levels and schools needs moving forward. We expect to announce in the coming days a number of new appointments to the SIMS support team to further enhance the service we are able to deliver to our schools.

With news of this, we wish to provide you with assurance that Connect Up Support Services continues to go from strength to strength. As ever we remain fully committed to support schools for the future, in the knowledge that we will continue to listen and understand school needs to ensure we deliver a first class service to all our customers.

We look forward to continuing to work with you and would like to thank you for your continued support.

If you have any queries in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact me on 0113 2105010 or via email @:-

Kind Regards

Mark Driver

Managing Director

Connected Assessment

Assessment Flyer

Nobody looks forward to that dreaded phone call!   The  one that  states that  you are going  to be visited tomorrow.  Should it really be so worrying?  You can’t prepare in advance for every question  but if you know your  school  and  your data then you  can feel confident that you  can  find  the  answers quickly.  One key sector of all Ofsted visits is now Assessment.  Under the new Ofsted  framework  Assessment has become a key factor in the success or failure of your school.  Every member of your staff, from teaching staff to office staff needs to  be able to answer the inspectors questions and know how their pupils are performing against key criteria.
Connect-Up  Ltd  is  a  well  respected  and   Capita  accredited MIS support team and as such we take  our  role  in your  success  very seriously which is why  we have teamed up with nationally respected assessment consultants. Over the last 18 months a program  has  been undertaken  to customise  a package, currently used in 7 local authorities.