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Author: Phil Ambler

How to import an ATF

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Arranging cover in SIMS

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Migration Document From Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2010

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IMS Framework BECTA Guidance Information

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FMS Training Manual 6.140

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How to record school closure due to strike action

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Connect-Up achieve SIMS Support Accreditation

The accreditation process consisted of two parts. Firstly, an on-line customer ­survey and secondly, a visit to Connect-up, from a Capita Children’s Services Assessor. The outcome was successful and accreditation was awarded. Connect-up would like to thank all those who took part in this survey. We are delighted with the feedback.

There is a prevailing sense that Connect-up are professional, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, efficient and above all, patient and reassuring, supporting a good relationship between Connect-up and our customers which is re-enforced by the use of staff names in some of the comments.

Successful Leeds Annual Conference

Over 60 delegates from across Leeds gathered at Weetwood Hall Conference Centre this week for the 2011 Annual Conference for Leeds Schools. The event, which was held in association with Leeds City Council and Capita Children’s Services, had a specific focus on using technology to promote positive behavior in schools.

With guest speakers including Capita, RDS Document solutions, LCC Finance and LCC HR, the initial feedback from delegates has been very good. Specific emphasis was placed on the relevance of the content to Leeds schools and the opportunity to meet with other schools to discuss experiences.