The Connect-Up SIMS & FMS Support Team recognise that schools need to be aware of all that SIMS/FMS can deliver, training provides a vital mode for school staff to be able to use SIMS/FMS more efficiently and effectively.

SIMS Attendance for Office Users

Creating and Design Reports in SIMS

SIMS Attendance for Attendance Officers/Learning Mentors

Recording Behaviour in SIMS

SIMS Interventions

Managing Pre-admissions & CTF's

Preparing Governors reports using SIMS

Managing Personnel in SIMS

Statutory Obligations of an Office Manager

Setting up Behaviour in your school

SIMS for SEN Users

Preparing for your New Academic Year in SIMS

SIMS for Office Users

Reporting and Analysing SEND Information

SIMS Dinner Money for Admin Assistants

Setting up and customising SEND in your school

School Census Workshop (Primary)

Preparing for the School Workforce Census (Staff)

Standard Reporting in SIMS

Reporting from Personnel

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"They're always very knowledgeable and helpful whenever we have an issue. We rely on them a lot and they always deliver."

Janet Skelton Kirkstall St Stephens Primary School

"Their willingness to adapt and work with us, to offer staff at all levels, with the right training at the right time is simply unique."

James Grayston Morley Victoria Primary School