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Product Development for Data Retention

Product Development for Data Retention

Updated with a new video of the bulk student delete process for Autumn


Notification Updates

25/09/2018: After we packaged the Autumn 2018 release together for the Beta version, we continued further deep integrated testing on the last part of the student delete. This last step is to delete the central Person Record if the student role was the only role that Person had, this is explained in the video below at the point of 3 minutes and 50 seconds. Therefore, for the Autumn 2018 release of SIMS we will still include the last three data domains in the bulk student delete option, but felt it was safer to not deliver in the main customer release the last ‘Delete All Student Data’ option. We raise your awareness to this now as this option is present in the beta but will not be delivered in the release in November. If you need further clarification, please contact

28/08/2018: We have now completed the development of the bulk student delete routine in SIMS.  This builds on the initial phase which we released in the Summer version of SIMS and now allows for the complete delete of student records.

How will this work?

To help explain the process, I have recorded a video for SIMS customers to review what has been completed.  While the development is complete, we are now working on other GDPR priorities, the team would welcome feedback on the updates.  So please review the video and then provide your comments in the feedback form below.

The Video…

Additional Information

Please feel free to share this video with anyone who will benefit from knowing what new functionality will be available in the Autumn release.  The direct link is:

The developers are now working of some GDPR features to do with PLinks between SIMS and FMS and then will start to relax some of the rules prohibiting users to delete members of staff from SIMS.


Knowing what you think about this routine is important, even if it is to know we are doing it right.  Please use the form below to submit your comments.

Key Stage Assessment Returns

Important information for Key Stage Returns

Instructions for 2018 Key Stage Assessment Returns via Capita SIMS .

CTF Workstation Fix

Please close SIMS and click here for the Workstation Fix

Summer Census 2017

Please find below the information on creating and publishing the summer 2017 Pupil Census which will be held on Thursday 18th of May.

Your SIMS version will need to be 7.174 (can be seen via help/about SIMS) and the latest fileset issued by the DfE is 602, which will be deployed automatically to your server over the next couple of days but please ensure you have this fileset before you complete and publish your census.

Capita has released  Fileset_602 to address changes made by the DfE in the upcoming census on the 18th May 2017

Added 15th May 2017 at 16:00 Problem with DfE validation query 2010Q

This validation should be counting how many pupils are not taught in the normal year for their age and then dividing this by the total number of pupils to identify the situation where more than 10% of pupils are taught outside of the normal year for their age.  Unfortunately, this validation can be triggered incorrectly in schools with nursery age pupils, as the DfE coding will count all nursery age pupils that aren’t taught in E1 or E2 as not taught in the normal year for their age.

We believed that the DfE were going to provide an update to their school validation to deal with this sort of mistake, but we now understand that this will not happen and that the schools involved will have to ignore the query in these circumstances.



Please find the user guides below which provides information on preparing and producing the autumn 2016 census return.

New Data collected and changes to existing data:

Resources to support the production of the summer census are now available from the web site.

Key dates for the summer census are:

  • Census reference date: 18/05/2017
  • Attendance collection: 01/01/2017 – 16/04/2017 (inc)
    • Only pupils aged 4 to 15 on 31/08/2016
  • Exclusion collection: 01/09/2016 – 31/12/2016 (inc)
  • FSM eligibility records: 20/01/2017 – 18/05/2017 (inc)
  • Secondary Schools Learning Support: 01/08/2016 – 18/05/2017 (inc)
  • The return will include information on all pupils on roll on census reference date and leavers with
    • attendance in the Spring Term 2017
    • and/or, exclusions in the Autumn Term 2016
    • and/or, learner support to report since the start of the 2016/17 academic year

Important Changes to the Summer Census

Known Issues

  • Validation query 1870Q is being reported where it does not seem to apply.  We have reported this to the DfE.

Essential docs:

Preparing for the Census (Primary & Special Schools)

Preparing for the Census (Secondary & PRU)

Preparing for the Independent Schools Statutory Returns 2017

Preparing for Census (Post 16)

Producing the Summer Census:

Producing the School Census (English Nursery Schools)

Producing Summer Census Primary

Producing Summer Census Secondary

Producing Summer Census Special

Producing School Census Reports


Errors and Validation:

Census Validation Errrors

Please ensure you check the Essential Reading section of our website for any last minute information on census day before you publish your census to the local authority or DfE.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0113 2105008.

Key Stage Assessment Data

This Year CS System Leeds (Data management as was) have requested that the Key Stage 1 and 2 Teacher Assessment Data Returns are made by entering the data in your MIS system.  For the majority of customers this will be Capita SIMS.  In previous years they have always provided a spreadsheet version but have not offered this option this time around.

Connect-Up have already import the Template mark sheets in your SIMS system ready for you to enter the required data.  You do not need to be using SIMS for your curriculum assessment data, although Capita SIMS does have an excellent free Assessment Without Levels package built into it.

Please find below links to our guidance notes on how to make the returns.  If you have any problems following these notes then please contact the SIMS team on 0113 2105008.

Key Stage Assessment Returns via Capita SIMS

Key Stage Entry Explained

Workforce Census 5th November 2015

The staff workforce census is due to be run on the 5th November.

Connect-Up will be updating your SIMS with updates as they are released by Capita and the DfE however please ensure you check for the latest fileset version in the essential reading section of our website ( before you submit your final census version.

The census documents can be seen via the links below:

Preparing for the workforce census 2015

Producing the workforce census 2015

Workforce census 2015 validation errors with resolutions


Support Team

Connect-Up Support Services Ltd


SIMS Year End 2015 Information Page

With schools now preparing for their year end within the SIMS software it’s important for pupils to be recorded in the correct classes, year groups and structures. The information contained below has a number of useful guides and quick reference sheets which you may find useful for completing your year end.


We also offer interactive courses on the year end process along with how to deal with admissions and CTF’s, these can be booked via our SIMS Crowd Booking Page.

Adding School Academic Year Dates 2015-2016





Dealing With CTF’s

QRS- Admissions

QRS – House_Keeping_Routines

QRS- Managing_Common_Transfer_Files

Date Of Birth Chart for 2015 Year


Probably Additions

Please note that the DfE is talking to suppliers about adding the following items for the Autumn Census 2015.

Post 16 Learning Aim Withdrawal Reason

Where a Learning Aim has a Status of “Withdrawn”, one of the following Withdrawal Reasons must be provided.
•Learner has transferred to another provider to undertake learning which meets a specific government strategy
•Learner has transferred to another provider
•Learner injury/illness
•Financial reasons
•Other personal reasons
•Reason not known

Post 16 Learning Aim Partner UKPRN
•Where a Learning Aim is provided other than be the school the UKPRN of the provider must be indicated.
•It is unclear at this point as to whether or not we must also indicate the UKPRN of the school where the school provides the Learning Aim.

Maths and English GCSE Prior Attainment for all Pupils Taught in Year 12 and above
•Grade for prior achievement in GCSE Maths
•When the prior achievement in GCSE Maths was obtained
•GCSE Maths funding exemption
•Grade for prior achievement in GCSE English
•When the prior achievement in GCSE English was obtained
•GCSE English funding exemption

Manual Entry of External Exam Results

In the Summer Release 2015 Capita will be moving Manual Entry of External Exam Results to SIMS .net and will be extending the functionality so that it contains the information needed for it to contribute to the reporting of prior attainment of GCSE Maths and English. The new user interface for this functionality will be based on that recently put in place for Tools | Examinations | Edit PI Data.

CTF Move to Academic Year Cycle

In line with other statutory items from the DfE, the cycle for CTF has changed from a calendar year cycle, where structural changes to CTF take place in November, to an academic year cycle, where structural changes take place in August. A change in August does not line up with the Capita release, so Capita are going to have to impose the change over from CTF 14 to 15 via a date trigger in their CTF coding.

The Capita Summer Release will leave CTF 14 in operation until the 1st of August when the software will automatically move to CTF 15. This implies the following compatibilities for the Summer Release

Release Date up the 31st July
•Import CTF 13 and CTF 14
•Export CTF 14

1st August onwards
•Import CTF 14 and CTF 15
•Export CTF 15