Fibre Services

As cabling systems become larger and the need to transmit data at ever increasing rates becomes greater the case for fibre optic cabling becomes more relevant. Whether it is used as a vertical backbone or to link buildings across a campus, fibre optic cabling offers a modern, cost-effective solution. Our fibre optic cabling installation portfolio includes:

  • Multimode cables (OM1, OM2 and OM3)
  • Singlemode cables (OS1 and OS2)
  • Fibre To The Desk (FTTD)
  • ST, SC, MT-RJ, LC terminations
  • Greater speed
  • Removes distance related barriers
  • Fibre is inert so perfect for IS areas

Connect up electrical  have the capability to carry out on-site terminations using fusion splicing or a variety of direct termination techniques . Testing can be carried out using Power Light Meters or Optical Time Domain Reflectometers (OTDRs) and test results are provided as part of the handover documentation.

Fibre Optic Services include:

  • Backbone links
  • Fibre patch panels
  • Fibre containment systems
  • Breakdown and fault finding