Arrangements for exam results download days 15th and 22nd August 2018


Dear colleague


I write with an update on arrangements for the support of exams download days. Please pass this information on to your school’s examinations officer as I may not have their contact details.


Results Day Survival Kit

The key to a successful and stress-free download day is preparation. Please read and act upon the advice in the Results Day Survival Kit in advance of download day


OSMIS Web Site

We will update the Examinations area of the OSMIS Web Site with the very latest information – please refer back to this site for late breaking information


Arrangements for Support on Download Days (15th and 22nd August)

The OSMIS Service Desk will be open from 7am on download days. As the volume of calls is difficult to predict (depends on factors outside our control), we ask that you log calls for support via email wherever possible ( and provide a direct dial number on which we can call you back on. Logging calls in this way will mean that we are able to prioritise calls appropriately and are able to provide a solution at first contact in more cases. Of course 01618831290 is still there but we ask for your support in ensuring that we manage the load and deliver the best service possible at this busy time.


Do I Need to Apply the SIMS Summer Release?

If the school is not making use of PI functionality in SIMS (using SISRA, Datasec or similar), then the SIMS Summer Release is not required to download results to the SIMS system.


Are There Any Database Patches I Need to Apply?

This all depends on your intended use of SIMS but at the time of writing the following patches have been released by Capita:

  • Fileset 1002 – Required if the school has previously imported Fileset 1001
    • The earlier fileset did not include the latest Examindirection.txt file which lists the files to be used for the PI detail reports this year. Please click here to download fileset 1002 which will need to be unzipped and then imported via Tools>Setups>Import Fileset
  • 24126 – Correction to how single Science qualifications count in Attainment 8
    • This patch corrects an error when calculating the Attainment 8 figure for a student who has only taken two single sciences.
  • 24015 – Update to Assessment Manager Exams Gradeset JC A/2
    • This patch updates the Grade Points in the Assessment Manager Gradeset for JC A/2 to:
      • A Grade 25
      • B Grade 20
      • C Grade 15
      • D Grade 10
      • E Grade 5
      • U Unclassified 0
      • X No result 0
      • Q Pending 0
  • 23876 – Update to Assessment Manager Exams Gradeset JC 41
    • This patch updates the Assessment Manager Exams Gradeset JC 41 to the correct values (this gradeset is commonly used for double Science awards).
  • 23539 – Update to JC Gradesets for GCSE 9-1 Short Courses
    • Applying patch 23539 will update Exams JC Gradesets JC 40/2 Result and JC 44/2 Result and enable the import of 9-1 short course basedata.

And Finally

If you have any concerns regarding the download of Exam Results, then please don’t wait – log a call and we’ll be in touch to assist.


With best wishes for a smooth and successful download day