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A CTF is another method of adding a pupil to your SIMS system. This will be a file sent electronically from the school the pupil was at previously which contains the essential information for this pupil.

CTFs can also be used to send just Key Stage information, Phonics Test results or FSP (Foundation Stage Profile) data from one school to another.

To import this information, go to: Routines > Data in > CTF > Import CTF

  1. Select Import Type according to whether this is a brand new pupil to your school (Add Data for New Pupils only) or if they are a readmission (Add Data for Existing Pupils only). If they are a re-admission, please re-admit them via Pupil Browse and New then follow the route to import the CTF. If you’re in any doubt, select General.
  2. If importing Key Stage, Phonics, or FSP data then use the appropriate Import Type.
  3. The following screen will be loaded if this is for a New Pupil. Other Import Type choices will show slightly different screens.
  4. Panel 1 Data to be imported – tick all the data you want to be imported
  5. Panel 2 Import Selection – browse button should show the contents of where you’ve saved your file. Select the file.
  6. Select Pre-admission or On-Roll as appropriate in ‘Place new pupils in’. This is likely to be On-Roll unless you are adding your new pupils for September in advance as pre-admissions.
  7. Click on Import CTF.