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Fileset 704 required for Autumn Census 2017

Fileset_704 Capita has released another Fileset_704 to address changes made by the DfE in the upcoming census on the 5th October 2017

We will be  deploying this fileset to our supported customers but please ensure you have fileset 704 listed in the statutory returns area of SIMS. (Routines | Statutory Returns | School Census)

If you do not have Fileset_704 listed please contact the helpdesk on 0113 2105008.

SIMS Summer 2017 Consolidated Workstation Patch 3

SIMS Summer 2017 Consolidated Workstation Patch 3

We’ve identified an issue with the Manage Performance Indicator Screen for England when dealing with AS Maths Qualifications


What is the issue?

If you are an exam centre who are offering an AS qualification which for some students will count in the KS4 Performance Indicators and for some students count in the 16-18 Performance Indicators and is either a Level 3 Maths or Extended Project qualification, the Manage Performance Indicator screen won’t allow you to count the KS4 attributes when the Level 3 Maths or Extended Project options are ticked.

How are we fixing this?

This can only be fixed with a workstation application and does not require a database patch.  In line with our approach for workstation patches since the Summer release, Workstation Patch 3 will have consolidated with it WSP2 (KS4 PI Report Update) and WSP1 (CTF Export Screen).

When will it be available?

We hope to release this by the end of the week

CTF Workstation Fix

Please close SIMS and click here for the Workstation Fix

Important information for Exams Officers

Important information for Exams Officers

Results Day Survival Kit

Please find here the Capita Results Day Survival Kit – this highly useful document is intended to provide Examinations Officers at schools in England with the most up-to-date information to assist in achieving successful results download days and the subsequent analysis of results using the SIMS 2017 Summer Release.

SIMS Summer Release

Capita has now made the Summer 2017 update pre-release note available.

The release is scheduled for June 30th and we will Contact all schools close to the time.

Connect-Up End of Year Service

The End of Year Process in SIMS .Net can be a stressful time for you in school.  Everyone knows how important it is to get your setup right before the next year starts.  As many people know once the rollover into the next academic year has happened, there are very few things that can be changed about the structure of the Year groups and Registration Groups.

This year Connect-Up would like to offer your school an extra service.  Let Connect-Up take the strain and we will do it for you.  We have a set of simple sheets that will give us all the necessary information to allow us to complete the following for you:-

  • Setting up the next academic year with term dates and inset days.
  • Setting up next years pastoral structure (Year groups, registration groups and teachers).
  • Setting up the promotion paths for your current students.
  • Setting up admission groups (if needed).

Connect-Up is offering this service for just £100.

For further enquiries please contact us on 0113 2105008

Assessment Returns via Captia SIMS

Click here to see the documentation on the 2017 Key Stage 1 Assessment Returns via Capita SIMS

Summer Census 2017

Please find below the information on creating and publishing the summer 2017 Pupil Census which will be held on Thursday 18th of May.

Your SIMS version will need to be 7.174 (can be seen via help/about SIMS) and the latest fileset issued by the DfE is 602, which will be deployed automatically to your server over the next couple of days but please ensure you have this fileset before you complete and publish your census.

Capita has released  Fileset_602 to address changes made by the DfE in the upcoming census on the 18th May 2017

Added 15th May 2017 at 16:00 Problem with DfE validation query 2010Q

This validation should be counting how many pupils are not taught in the normal year for their age and then dividing this by the total number of pupils to identify the situation where more than 10% of pupils are taught outside of the normal year for their age.  Unfortunately, this validation can be triggered incorrectly in schools with nursery age pupils, as the DfE coding will count all nursery age pupils that aren’t taught in E1 or E2 as not taught in the normal year for their age.

We believed that the DfE were going to provide an update to their school validation to deal with this sort of mistake, but we now understand that this will not happen and that the schools involved will have to ignore the query in these circumstances.



Please find the user guides below which provides information on preparing and producing the autumn 2016 census return.

New Data collected and changes to existing data:

Resources to support the production of the summer census are now available from the web site.

Key dates for the summer census are:

  • Census reference date: 18/05/2017
  • Attendance collection: 01/01/2017 – 16/04/2017 (inc)
    • Only pupils aged 4 to 15 on 31/08/2016
  • Exclusion collection: 01/09/2016 – 31/12/2016 (inc)
  • FSM eligibility records: 20/01/2017 – 18/05/2017 (inc)
  • Secondary Schools Learning Support: 01/08/2016 – 18/05/2017 (inc)
  • The return will include information on all pupils on roll on census reference date and leavers with
    • attendance in the Spring Term 2017
    • and/or, exclusions in the Autumn Term 2016
    • and/or, learner support to report since the start of the 2016/17 academic year

Important Changes to the Summer Census

Known Issues

  • Validation query 1870Q is being reported where it does not seem to apply.  We have reported this to the DfE.

Essential docs:

Preparing for the Census (Primary & Special Schools)

Preparing for the Census (Secondary & PRU)

Preparing for the Independent Schools Statutory Returns 2017

Preparing for Census (Post 16)

Producing the Summer Census:

Producing the School Census (English Nursery Schools)

Producing Summer Census Primary

Producing Summer Census Secondary

Producing Summer Census Special

Producing School Census Reports


Errors and Validation:

Census Validation Errrors

Please ensure you check the Essential Reading section of our website for any last minute information on census day before you publish your census to the local authority or DfE.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0113 2105008.

Fileset 602 required for Summer Census 2017


Capita has released another Fileset_602 to address changes made by the DfE in the upcoming census on the 18th May 2017

We have deployed this fileset via centrastage to our supported customers but please ensure you have fileset 602 listed in the statutory returns area of SIMS. (Routines | Statutory Returns | School Census)

If you do not have Fileset_602 listed please contact the helpdesk on 0113 2105008.

Primary School End of Year Procedures 2017

This document describes the steps that should be followed to enable a
successful transition from one academic year to another. It includes the
creation of a new academic year, setting up next year’s registration groups
and year groups, etc. together with the promotion of pupil/students from one
year into the next.

Primary School End of Year Detailed Procedures 2017

Primary School End of Year Summary Procedures 2017

It is applicable to Primary school SIMS users. Secondary school users should
refer to the Secondary School End of Year Procedures 2017