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Important – Pupil Premium Information

The analysis of pupil premium numbers in SIMS is dependant upon the pupil premium indicator box being ticked within section 9 additional information.

This tick box is used by SIMS to identify pupils eligible for pupil premium funding within Discover and SIMS Assessment.

The key to success file downloaded from the DfE secure site contains pupil records for pupils eligible for the pupil premium based on the last January Pupil Census.

It is important that a school contacts the previous school and confirms the eligibility of any pupil admitted after this date without a CTF file being imported.

A standard CTF file will contain Pupil Premium information therefore it is only those admitted without this process who will need to be manually confirmed with their previous school.

For information on the latest Pupil premium eligibility and funding information please follow the link below:

Pupil Premium information 2015/16

If you have any questions concerning this or any other topic please feel free to call the SIMS support team on 0113 2105008.

SIMS Support Team

Connect-Up Support Services

Pupil Census Autumn 2014

The Autumn pupil census will be collected on Thursday 2nd October.

There are some changes regarding universal free school meals and we would advise all schools to pre-read the documentation provided below and ensure that the pupil premium indicators and pupil numbers are up to date prior to returning their census.

Primary and middle school

PRU Census return booklet
Special School booklet
Secondary School booklet

If you have any questions please contact our helpdesk on 0113 2105008.

Kindest Regards

SIMS Support team.

Connect-Up Support Services Ltd

SIMS Updates Summer 2014

Dear customers,

Please be aware that we are going to be upgrading SIMS to the latest version during the w/c Monday the 8th September for all our schools that are NOT currently running SOLUS3.

If you have any questions please contact the helpdesk using one of the following methods…

Tel. 0113 2105008




Connect-Up SIMS Support Team.

Academic year end 2014/2015

Academic year end 2014/2015

Below are links to the Capita manual on creating a new academic year and the Leeds authority term dates.

Adding School Academic Year Dates 2014-2015


If you have any issues opening the links please email and I will email you directly.


Darren Rose

MIS Consultant and Training Co-ordinator

0113 2105008

Prize Draw: Winner

Firstly I would like to thank all those who took the time to complete our customer surveys and you were very kind with your feedback.

Following the compilation of all 4 surveys results, placed in chronological order and then drawn by a representative onsite at Holy Family Catholic Primary, I can announce the winner as Sue Green at Burley Park Children’s Centre. Sue will receive her £25 M&S vouchers shortly.

Following the success of this exercise we have scheduled another survey in November which will be another prize draw.

If I could ask for suggestions of the prize for the draw be sent to myself via email:

Darren Rose

MIS Consultant

0113 2105008


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The School Workforce Census 2014 Information Page

Changes Compared to SWC 2013 (Added 28/01 17:45)

Census Reference Date 6th November 2014

Collection of information for PRUs is now the same as for other schools as the period when the staff in PRUs were centrally employed is now irrelevant.

QTS route now to be included for all staff who, since the previous school workforce census, have taken up their first position since qualifying as a teacher, regardless of when they qualified

School Direct and School Direct (salaries) now included in the range of QTS routes.

Base pay now has to be included even if (non statutory) Pay Spines and Points are included. Validation rule 4540 has been adjusted to take account of this.

The DfE expects there to be less instances when Pay Spine and Points are included.

‘Advanced Skills Teacher’ and ‘Excellent Teacher’ pay scales have been superseded by ‘Leading Practitioner’. Validation rules 4500 and 4505 have been removed to take account of this.

New validation queries added.

Check that birth dates are not defaulting to 1 January

Check that salaries are above the minimum wage and below the local government maximum

Check that staff are not recorded as working more than 48 hours per week

New validation error added

Check that Weeks Per Year is not greater than 53


Important changes to the Pupil Premium

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FMS new buttons and interface

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Teacher Net website changes

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