SIMS 7 – CTF Issue

Background information

What is CTF?

CTF stands for “Common Transfer File”. This is the mechanism used for loading new pupil applicants and transfers from other schools into SIMS.

What is the issue?

Incorrect matching of applicants and on roll students imported by CTF into your SIMS7 database may have linked new pupil records to an existing contact. Additionally, some data on the existing contact record may have been changed.

Will this issue have impacted my school(s)?

Not all schools will be impacted.

  • If your school does not use the CTF process you will not be impacted (this can be checked in SIMS CTF log, from Routines | CTF Import | View History Log). You will not need to take any further action.
  • If your school uses the CTF process you must complete steps 1 to 4 (described below). Your school may still not have been impacted, but you must follow the process outlined nonetheless, to confirm whether you have been impacted and respond accordingly.

Under what circumstance would my school(s) be impacted?

This would happen if a combination of the name, title, gender and relationship of a pupil’s contact record in the CTF matched the same elements of the contact of another applicant, on roll pupil or leaver already held in your database.

One type of example would be:

  • Already on SIMS
  • Pupil = Joanne Bradshaw, with a Contact/Parent = Wendy Bradshaw, Mother, Female (original)
  • New CTF applicant
  • Pupil = Jamie Bradshaw, with a Contact/Parent = Wendy Bradshaw, Mother, Female (new/different Wendy)

In this instance as both pupils have a parent called Wendy Bradshaw, identified also as being Female and with a relationship of Mother, the new CTF applicant would be linked to the original Wendy Bradshaw. The original Wendy Bradshaw address, telephone number and email would also be updated with the new/different Wendy Bradshaw’s details.

Which data may have been altered?

Address, phone number and email address fields on the contact record may be incorrect.

What steps do I need to take?

Please see the following document for a detailed description of the steps that must be taken. How to guide

The following description is a summary of this.

Step 1 – Patch SIMS

It is important the new workstation patch released on Friday 17th August 2018 is run against your school(s) so that both the new diagnostics and corrected CTF logic is in place. Depending on your current SIMS release version the following workstation patch must be applied:

  • Spring 2018 workstation patch 1 – CTF Import & Check 99 Improvements.
  • Summer 2018 workstation patch 1 – CTF Import & Check 99 Improvements.

Capita hosted SIMS customers are already on the SIMS 2018 Summer Release (7.182) and therefore the “Summer 2018 workstation patch 1” will be applied on Friday 17th August 2018 outside of working hours.

Step 2 – Run the diagnostics

As part of the patch (applied in Step 1) an extra check “Check 99” has been added to Database Diagnostics which is run from within the SIMS. “Check 99” will output data identified as possibly incorrect.

Please see the following report for detail on this diagnostic tool. Diagnostic guide

Step 3 – Complete remedial action (if appropriate)

If the diagnostic tool (Check 99) has not identified any actions to take, you can skip this step (Step 3) and complete Step 4.

If potential output data is identified by the diagnostics tool (Check 99) manual checks will need to be made by your school and contact data potentially updated. Please see the following document for details on how to do this. How to guide

Step 4 – Run the clean-up patch

Deploy via Solus the clean-up patch 24213 or contact your usual SIMS support team. This script will clean-up back-end applicant data associated with step 3.

Capita hosted customers can request the deployment of Patch 24213 using this online form. Request Form


Any staff member attempting to run a CFT export/import will be challenged in SIMS as to whether they have completed step 1 to 4 described above. It is imperative that your school has completed these steps before any further CTF imports are run.

On login to SIMS a reminder splash screen will draw your (and other administrative and key staff’s) attention to the CTF issue. This reminder screen will be removed only once it has been confirmed on the CTF explore/import page that your school has completed Steps 1 to Step 4.

If I need help implementing patches, running diagnostics or making changes, who can I speak to?

Your usual SIMS support team will be able to help you with these processes.