SIMS Summer 2017 Consolidated Workstation Patch 3

We’ve identified an issue with the Manage Performance Indicator Screen for England when dealing with AS Maths Qualifications


What is the issue?

If you are an exam centre who are offering an AS qualification which for some students will count in the KS4 Performance Indicators and for some students count in the 16-18 Performance Indicators and is either a Level 3 Maths or Extended Project qualification, the Manage Performance Indicator screen won’t allow you to count the KS4 attributes when the Level 3 Maths or Extended Project options are ticked.

How are we fixing this?

This can only be fixed with a workstation application and does not require a database patch.  In line with our approach for workstation patches since the Summer release, Workstation Patch 3 will have consolidated with it WSP2 (KS4 PI Report Update) and WSP1 (CTF Export Screen).

When will it be available?

We hope to release this by the end of the week