Dear Customers,

We are receiving a an ever increasing number of calls, on the help desk regarding third party software products (i.e. Classroom Monitor, Medical Tracker, Call Parents, Parent Pay, Inventry etc.) and we are rapidly approaching the point where it will affect our ability to fulfil our core responsibility to school of supporting SIMS and their statutory responsibilities.

In light of this we thought it would be best to clarify the position of Connect-Up, regarding the support of third party products.

Connect-Up has the responsibility, under the SIMS SLA, to assist 3rd party suppliers apply patches, facilitate remote access for investigation and/or assisting with network or SIMS configurations required prior to installation.

We would advise any customers purchasing 3rd products to ensure they have also purchased installation from the supplier. Our recommendation for the next step with this is to contact the supplier of the software and ask them when they can install this for you.

They may need a remote connection to the server/computer that this needs setting up on, if that is the case can you please put them in touch with us as we are more than happy to facilitate a remote connection for them to fulfil the installation.

Please bear in mind that we will need an Email confirmation from a senior member of staff at the school pre-authorising us to give them access to your server/computer to make the relevant changes, this is to cover both yourselves and us under GDPR.

If the school has not got installation included in the purchase of any 3rd party software, an option for you as a school would be that if you do have a managed service contract with us, you are more than welcome to use their time as you please whilst they are in your school (that would need to be agreed with senior staff within the school and the engineer made aware before their site visit).

As a last option if installation has not been purchased and the customer is unable to setup the 3rd party product purchased then Connect-Up would have to charge for a dedicated engineer to install the product.