The End of Year Process in SIMS .Net can be a stressful time for you in school.  Everyone knows how important it is to get your setup right before the next year starts.  As many people know once the rollover into the next academic year has happened, there are very few things that can be changed about the structure of the Year groups and Registration Groups.

This year Connect-Up would like to offer your school an extra service.  Let Connect-Up take the strain and we will do it for you.  We have a set of simple sheets that will give us all the necessary information to allow us to complete the following for you:-

  • Setting up the next academic year with term dates and inset days.
  • Setting up next years pastoral structure (Year groups, registration groups and teachers).
  • Setting up the promotion paths for your current students.
  • Setting up admission groups (if needed).

Connect-Up is offering this service for just £100.

For further enquiries please contact us on 0113 2105008