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Daily Archives: 13th September 2018

New Form of Attack

Good morning, it has come to light that all versions of windows (post XP) are vulnerable to a new form of attack.

This means that if a user downloads a picture and opens it on their machine, it would be possible for an outside agent to run anything they want to on that machine, cryptolockers, keyloggers, trojans, etc.

Please remind your staff to follow their protocols and not download anything that is not from a trusted source, and to be especially careful with regards to images sent through e-mail.
If you have queries please speak to your managed service engineer, or contact the help desk.

Kind regards,

The Connect-Up Support Team

The SIMS Parent Lite App


With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect in May 2018, schools will have new requirements around the way they use pupil and parent data.

Included within your SIMS annual entitlement fee, the SIMS Parent Lite app helps schools comply with the new GDPR data requirements, by providing a simple way to collect, manage and handle information by obtaining accurate data securely from parents.

Connect up are rolling out Parent App Lite to the schools if you would like this sooner please contact us.

Sims Parent For Schools Click Here

Parent All Lite Resources Click Here

Parent App Lite FQA Click Here

For more information please email us at