What is Arbor?

Arbor MIS easily manages your school’s daily admin, records important student information, creates intuitive reports and sees everything you need at a glance – so you and your staff can get on and focus where it matters most.

MIS for MATs and Groups brings all your schools together so you can instantly see how everyone’s getting on, and jump in if you need to. Use Arbor’s dashboards to see your schools’ key stats, and follow up directly with stakeholders or students through the platform.

Why Arbor for your school?

Arbor brings all your student and staff data together for quicker, smarter insight. School data is usually siloed across multiple systems, taking staff hours a week to pull together. Arbor helps to bring all core student and staff data together, allowing you to report on all key metrics from one system.

Arbor’s cloud-based system can help reduce the number of systems your school needs, saving your school up to 30% on your total system cost. And there are no pesky hidden extras like patches, servers or upgrades to worry about.

It is easy to use, reducing training costs and allowing staff to get on with their day. Arbor also allows schools to define workflows and automate repetitive admin tasks, giving your staff back their precious time and increasing capacity.

Arbor in detail

One place, not all over the place

Get a single overview of all your data – Arbor brings all your student and staff information together so you can easily spot patterns and make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

See what’s going on, in real-time, at a glance – Out-of-the-box, easy to use dashboards allow you to instantly see important metrics for your school. Less time on workarounds means more time focusing on what matters.

Work with apps you like, replace the ones you don’t – Arbor can integrate with apps you already love, or you can use our own. We’re the only MIS that lets you do both.

Take the stress out of daily admin

 Automate escalations and workflows – Reduce the overhead of admin in your school so your staff can focus on what matters most

Create reports painlessly – Build custom reports in minutes. Share them automatically on a schedule. Give stakeholders what they need without them having to ask!

Work anywhere – Arbor is 100% cloud-based, so your teams can access what they need anywhere they have an internet connection

Give everyone the data they need to make great decisions

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SIMS Accredited help desk

Our highly skilled SIMS accredited team will resolve issues in the most appropriate and timely way, ensuring limited down time. This could be via our help desk or on-site with an engineer at your school.

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Regular system backups

With a dedicated engineer, we ensure that everything important is backed up and stored safety so you don’t have to.

Customer portal

Our remote monitoring and management software gives your school the most powerful solution for logging tickets and view live updates.


The Connect-Up SIMS & FMS Support Team recognise that schools need to be aware of all that SIMS/FMS can deliver, training provides a vital mode for school staff to be able to use SIMS/FMS more efficiently and effectively.

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