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CTF for Summer Release 2020 (England & Wales)

CTF for Summer Release 2020 (England & Wales)

Added 14/02/2020 at 15:10 – Temporary session attendance codes for use with the daily SAGE form (relevant to England only)

As many of you will know, we have provided patches to add temporary codes that schools can use for the more granular reporting of codes I and Y needed for the daily SAGE reporting. Please be assured that the temporary codes are converted to their ‘official’ counterparts when used by CTF Export.

Added 14/02/2020 at 11:00 – Main change compared to CTF 19 (relevant to England only)

In order to help avoid pupils missing the education, the government enabled legislation to compel school in England, e.g. maintained schools, academies and independent schools, to provide a prescribed set of data to their LA when pupils joined or left the school outside of normal phase transfers. Schools and LAs are free to choose the best way for transferring this data, including the use of paper forms. However, the DfE has defined an XML format for this transfer of data and includes this with CTF for convenience. CMJ XML files have been defined for transferring the data from schools when a pupil joins the school and CML XML files have been defined for transferring the data from schools when a pupil leaves the school. However, it is important to note CMJ and CML files are not CTF files and changes can be applied to such files without any impact on CTF files. It is in this context that the following two changes have been made for the two type of CME files and do not apply to CTF files in any way.

From CTF 20 onwards, schools will be able to include pupils in a

  1. CMJ file even if a UPN has not been allocated.
  2. CML file even if a UPN has not been allocated.

We are now looking into how we can accommodate this change in the specification for CME files. I will provide further details later.

Added 13/02/2020 at 14:25 – CTF versions supported

01/08/2019 to 31/07/2020 (inclusive)


File version 18

File version 19


File version 19

01/08/2020 to 31/07/2021 (inclusive)


File version 19

File version 20


File version 20

Census Times

Last digit of the departmental number:

Selected time
0, 1 or 5 The selected time is one hour after the start of afternoon school
2, 3 or 6 The selected time is one hour after the start of morning school
4, 7, 8 or 9 The selected time is one hour before the end of morning school

For instance, 383 2449 typically that means it would be run for 11:00 am.

CES Census 2019 (Catholic Schools in England and Wales)

KB-422783 – CES Return Error 1014
Routines | Statutory Returns | Schools CES Census

When running the CES Catholic Return error 1014 appears: “There are pupils without a religion”.

Unfortunately this error will not show for each individual student that does not have a religion. Run the Student Detail Report and check those that have ‘-‘ entered underneath Religion. The dash means they do not have one entered into their student record.

Go to to Focus | Student | Student Details and select the required student. In Panel 8 Ethnic/Cultural ensure that the correct Religion has been entered for the student for the duration of their time at the School.

In order to check this, click the ‘History’ button in Panel 8. Double click the orange bar next to Religion and a new window will pop-up. Then, locate the student’s Religion in the list and double click the orange bar. In the Start Date field, please enter the student’s Admission Date.

In Routines | Statutory Returns | Schools CES Census click ‘Create and Validate’ to resolve the error. It is also important to check the Student Detail Report once again, as the student’s should no longer have a ‘-‘ underneath Religion.

If no students have a ‘-‘ in the report then one of the Religions used in SIMS does not have an associated category. Go to Tools | Lookups | Maintain and open Home Religion. Each lookup that is currently active must have a category as the Catholic Education Service collect these. You will need to open each lookup that does not have a category and choose the suitable one. Once amended, please save and log out of SIMS so the changes take effect.

Log back in and ‘Create & Validate’ the return. Error 1014 should be resolved.

Updated 09/01/2019 at 11:20 – Fileset 1102 includes an improvement to the pupil detail report

The improvement to the pupil detail report ensures that the totals reported take account of the changes made by patch 24483.  All improvements provided by fileset 1101, including the correct to validation error 1005, are included in this new fileset.  Similarly, all improvements provided by fileset 1102 will be including an any future fileset in the 1100 series

Fileset 1102 is now available from SOLUS 3 and as a download from My Account.  Further details and the link to the download from Fileset_1102

Updated 17/12/2018 at 09:10 – Patch 24483 to correct mistakes related to enrolment status and to the classification of Polish ethnicity

This patch provides the following improvements.s

  1. Ensures that pupil enrolments status on census reference date is obtained from the history of changes rather than enrolment status as displayed for the current date.  This can be regarded as a relatively minor bug fix, as the old and new methods are unlikely to yield a different result.
  2. Ensures that pupils with an ethnicity of Polish are counted as ‘White Other’ rather than ‘Not Known’.  This is a more significant bug fix, as there are many pupils with an ethnicity of Polish attending Catholic schools.

Patch 24483 is available from SOLUS 3.  Further details are available from the Fileset_1102

Updated 21/11/2018 at 18:30 – Validation Error 1015 (The totals of pupils by ethnicity and pupils by religion are different)

Unfortunately, there was a mistake in our first version of the validation that will trigger this error message in most schools and there are no legitimate actions for schools to take to resolve this.

Our revised version of the validation corrects this mistake and has been included in Fileset 1101, which is now available from SOLUS 3 and as a download from My Account.  Further details and the link to the download from Fileset_1102

Added 08/11/2018 at 12:40 – Census reference date

  • England: 17/01/2019 (in line with School Census Spring 2019)
  • Wales: 15/01/2019 (in line with PLASC 2019)

New Form of Attack

Good morning, it has come to light that all versions of windows (post XP) are vulnerable to a new form of attack.

This means that if a user downloads a picture and opens it on their machine, it would be possible for an outside agent to run anything they want to on that machine, cryptolockers, keyloggers, trojans, etc.

Please remind your staff to follow their protocols and not download anything that is not from a trusted source, and to be especially careful with regards to images sent through e-mail.
If you have queries please speak to your managed service engineer, or contact the help desk.

Kind regards,

The Connect-Up Support Team