Assessment Flyer

Nobody looks forward to that dreaded phone call!   The  one that  states that  you are going  to be visited tomorrow.  Should it really be so worrying?  You can’t prepare in advance for every question  but if you know your  school  and  your data then you  can feel confident that you  can  find  the  answers quickly.  One key sector of all Ofsted visits is now Assessment.  Under the new Ofsted  framework  Assessment has become a key factor in the success or failure of your school.  Every member of your staff, from teaching staff to office staff needs to  be able to answer the inspectors questions and know how their pupils are performing against key criteria.
Connect-Up  Ltd  is  a  well  respected  and   Capita  accredited MIS support team and as such we take  our  role  in your  success  very seriously which is why  we have teamed up with nationally respected assessment consultants. Over the last 18 months a program  has  been undertaken  to customise  a package, currently used in 7 local authorities.