Connect-Up is proud to announce that the Remote Monitor Solution has been awarded an A**** energy rating, it is so energy efficient, a new standard has been set.  Contact the sales team for details on this incredible new technology.

The system consumes only 42kWh per year, compared to a household kettle which consumes 160kWh per year, and a standard 32 seat ICT Suite which uses over 4,000kWh per year.
Our 32 seat ICT suite solution costs as little as £20.00 per year to run, saving up to 97.5% on most energy bills, as a standard PC based 32 seat ICT suite can cost as much as £6,000.00 per year . 

At a time when everyone is looking to get the most out of their budget, this solution can provide massive savings, and equip your school with a state of the art ICT suite.