Connect-Up Portal

This technology allows your school to train staff and the wider school community, simply, quickly and cost effectively. It also acts as a record for all your training, which is great for Ofsted reports and HR issues.

All the features you require to create effective training courses, policies and more.

Everything you need to track and audit communication responses.
• Add video, images, text, audio and even downloadable files
• Candidates can complete their assignments on a PC, tablet or smartphone
• Activity data reporting and exporting
• Add colleagues as users to your account

How does is work?

Start with one of our fully editable professionally written training assignments as shown below, which are a range of common topics, add your list of Training Candidates. By selecting your candidates from the list, the system will then email the Training Assignment Invitations with a secure personal link for each candidate. Candidates then complete the training from their PC or mobile device.

You can then monitor these results from the online dashboard. The Training assignments in this library are available to use freely with a qualifying subscription package. Each Assignment in the Training Library is fully editable, so each school can tailor it to their own needs or use it as it comes.


Our Packages include the following:

  • Child Sexual Exploitation – Awareness Training For Teachers and Staff
  • E-Safety – Annual Training For Teachers and Staff
  • First Aid – Basics Life Support for Schools
  • First Aid – Common Illnesses and Injuries in Schools.
  • GDPR and Data Protection – Training for Schools
  • Health and Safety – School Essentials
  • Health and Safety – School Hazards Awareness
  • Keeping children safe in Education 2018
  • Radicalisation – Awareness Training for Schools
  • Safeguarding – An Introduction for teachers and Staff

All devices supported

Training package prices