Curriculum Support

Curriculum Support

Our downloadable resources that will help members of your school in their critical role of keeping your organisation safe:

Poster – Is your password safe?

A PDF poster that challenges existing password strength and provides robust advice for upgrading passwords to make them strong.

Poster – Beware of Phishing

 A PDF poster that can help members of your school identify potential phishing attacks to help keep your school’s data and people secure.

Poster – Response to Phishing Attack

A PDF poster that gives advice on the measures to undertake across your organisation in response to a phishing attack.

Report – Reducing the Impact of Cyber Attacks

A PDF report from the National Cyber Security Centre that provides comprehensive detail on the threat environment, your organisation’s vulnerabilities, the stages and pattern of attacks and how to reduce the risk of attack. 

Poster – The Ten Steps to Cyber Security

 A PDF poster from the National Cyber Security Centre outlining the steps required to set up a robust cyber security risk management regime.

Powerpoint – Say NO to Phishing

A Powerpoint Presentation that can take your audience through the steps to identify and protect against a Phishing Attack.

What else you can expect from us:

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