SIMS Support.

We have been recognised as an official SIMS accredited support team for more than 6 years. The SIMS Accreditation Service is there to ensure that schools using the software receive the best quality in both support and training. SIMS Accreditation recognises those SIMS support teams providing high quality support to schools and aims to further develop the services they offer.

SIMS Accreditation.

SIMS is a central data source, allowing schools to collate, edit and analyse information, so helping to build a complete picture of every pupil and staff member, and make real-time decisions based on evidence. Key data is recorded for individual attendance, progress, behaviour, achievements and Special Educational Needs.

The accreditation process involves a rigorous period of self-assessment to ensure services and internal processes are optimised to provide each school with the best quality support and training, observation and assessment of consultants in school visits, followed by a comprehensive feedback survey completed by key members of the schools. Areas for assessment include helpdesk support, training, communication, customer care, business operations, service improvement, and resource management, with development plans for future enhancements.

The 2018 - 2020 Accreditation Award Trophy






How proactive has the support team been in furthering your school's use of SIMS.




How would you rate your support team's overall level of customer service in terms of politeness, helpfulness and approachability of the team members.




Value for money of your SIMS support service.




Overall quality of your SIMS Support Service.




"The technical and day to day issues are dealt with professionalism with excellent knowledge of all areas arising. Can rely on support always no matter how small or complex."

"Have used Connect-Up since at least 2007 and any problems we have had have been sorted out quickly and efficiently."

"I started in my current position in April of this year and have had experience of using another company for my SIMS support. Overall the team which we are using are as helpful as they can be."

"We have a very good working relationship with Connect Up who provide our SIMS support. If we have any queries they are only a phone call away."

We'd like to take this moment to say a big thanks to all those who commented on our service. An enormous amount of hard work goes into the lead up to, during, and after the process, which is why Connect-Up Support is delighted to have achieved this accreditation once again.

What can we do for you?

SIMS Accredited Help Desk

Our highly skilled SIMS accredited team will resolve issues in the most appropriate and timely way, ensuring limited down time. This could be via our help desk or on-site with an engineer at your school.

Regular System Backups

With a dedicated engineer, we ensure that everything important is backed up and stored safety so you don't have to.

Customer Portal

Our remote monitoring and management software gives your school the most powerful solution for logging tickets and view live updates.


The Connect-Up SIMS & FMS Support Team recognise that schools need to be aware of all that SIMS/FMS can deliver, training provides a vital mode for school staff to be able to use SIMS/FMS more efficiently and effectively.

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"In relation to the work of Connect-Up, we are really pleased with the level of support that we receive, and I recognise that we absolutely made the right decision to switch providers."

James Ramsden The Gorse Academies Trust