What is SIMS?

SIMS makes your school more efficient and easier to manage for everyone, from teachers, senior leaders through to office staff.

With different contract types available from SIMS remote only, to full admin network support; Connect-Up is able to adapt to any school’s unique admin support requirements.

Why SIMS for your school?

SIMS is now trusted by thousands of schools throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  It helps them to run efficiently every day, with a strong focus on teaching and learning, improving attainment and streamlining office tasks.

If you are looking for ways to gain powerful insights from your school’s data and improve your everyday operations, SIMS has the functionality and features that primary schools can trust and rely upon.

SIMS in detail

Focus on teaching

With SIMS your teachers will reduce the time spent on administrative tasks and be free to plan and teach fantastic lessons.  Tools within SIMS are positively received and confidently used by teachers who are able to do what they love most, teach.  SIMS also supports teacher retention through a reduced workload, improved communication and an easier way to manage pupil and school information.

Bring data to life

Multiple spreadsheets or information filed away on paper is now a thing of the past for primary schools using SIMS.  With the power to bring all the data and insights you need together into one place, SIMS makes school information easy to access and simple to understand.  It brings primary school data to life for informed, impactful decision making and saves time for school staff.

Get ready for reporting and inspections

If reporting takes hours, or it takes weeks to prepare for an inspection, SIMS lightens the load for schools.  Not only will SIMS store and quickly gather all the information you need, but it will also present it intuitively, making it easy to understand and analyse, helping you identify areas to showcase or improve on.  In addition to enabling schools to track performance in detail for reporting and inspections, SIMS also provides schools with the framework to safeguard pupils and provide evidence of doing so.

How can we help you?


SIMS Accredited help desk

Our highly skilled SIMS accredited team will resolve issues in the most appropriate and timely way, ensuring limited down time. This could be via our help desk or on-site with an engineer at your school.

Read more on our SIMS Accreditation>>

Regular system backups

With a dedicated engineer, we ensure that everything important is backed up and stored safety so you don’t have to.

Customer portal

Our remote monitoring and management software gives your school the most powerful solution for logging tickets and view live updates.


The Connect-Up SIMS & FMS Support Team recognise that schools need to be aware of all that SIMS/FMS can deliver, training provides a vital mode for school staff to be able to use SIMS/FMS more efficiently and effectively.

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